When I was ten I opted to spend the laser tag-themed birthday in the little room where you could wait if you didn’t want to shoot at people. I found an anthology of MAD Magazine to read while waiting, artist of the month Mort Drucker: 

There were no ads, and you could tell it was all made by human hands, and it was gross and strange and unlike anything I’d ever seen. 

And then Spider-Man. And the halcyon days of Nickelodeon Magazine publishing underground cartoonists. Starlin’s trippy Captain Marvel, Eightball, Dirty Plotte, Grant Morrison’s Animal Man run, Kyle Baker’s I Die at Midnight, Hark! A Vagrant.

Reader, I learned how to make posts on a website like a week ago, but I’ve loved comics forever. I don’t exactly know what I’m doing, but the fire in my heart is here. Here’s a bunch of cartoonists whose work I’ve loved and admired. Some have published a bunch and others are about to break. I believe in this work, and I’m happy you’re here. 

Welcome to AWRY.